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Not sure what you need?

No problem, most people don't, and that's ok.




Learn basic commands and tricks. Puppy training

Get your dog CGC Certified 



Learn how to handle; separation anxiety, reactivity, or "aggression", and phobias.




Learn more about emotional support animals and how to be a cohesive team with your dog.


I offer a wide variety of training including basic obedience, emotional support animal, separation anxiety, and reactivity. I specialize in reactive or "aggressive" dogs. Reactive is my favorite type of dog, so often they get labeled as bad and aggressive. In reality, they are just misunderstood and there is a communication disconnect.

You love your dog and you just want people to see your dog the way you do.

Despite the difficulties you have with your dog you don't give up, you love them and want to get them help.

That makes you my favorite type of human.

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