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Chandra O'Connor

Your Human Trainer

 I have had a deep love for dogs all my life. From my first dog when I was nine years old, to my current fur babies, my passion for working with dogs has only grown. For the past four years, I have turned that passion into my full-time profession. 

Being an owner of pit bulls, I see how easily dogs are labeled and misunderstood. I believe that there is no such thing as a bad dog, just a misunderstood dog. Most dogs that get labeled "aggressive" are really just scared and need extra time and attention. During my time as a professional dog trainer, I have found a real passion for working with dogs that are labeled "aggressive" or "difficult". I specialize in dogs with behavioral issues; reactivity, phobias, and separation anxiety.


When I'm not at my doggie day job I enjoy volunteering at rescues like Best Friends Animal society and learning more about dog behavior.  I have taken courses at Duke, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Colorado Boulder. I currently share my home with rescue animals, including two dogs, and a cat.



Your 4-Legged Trainer

Lincoln is a deaf pit bull/ dalmatian mix. She was born deaf so don't feel bad for her she doesn't think she is missing anything. In fact, she thinks hearing is a little overrated. At two years old she was dropped off at the West Valley Shelter pregnant. Best Friends Animal Society took her in and found her a nice foster home where she could have and nurture her babies. After the babies were adopted out it was time for her to find her forever home.

So I swiped right on the single mom with the cute spots. I was looking for a service animal and I couldn't have gotten a better dog. We listened and learned from each other. We became a cohesive and inseparable team.

Early in my training career, I would bring in Lincoln to demonstrate commands in my group classes and private lessons. In one such lesson, a dog was lunging and barking at Lincoln, but because she had been trained to focus on me, we were able to help the other dog calm down. This is how Lincoln Trains Humans was born. A new approach to training where we use traditional training techniques and dog behavioral modeling to help your dog reach their training goals. 


My relationship with Lincoln is special, it's special because we put a lot of work into it. I want to help you build that kind of relationship with your dog.

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