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Basic Obedience

Basic obedience gives you a strong foundation to grow from. In basic obedience, we work on whatever commands best fit your needs and dog's skill level. We can do sit, down, loose leash walking, heel, go to your bed, and more. We can also mix in some fun with tricks; like sit pretty, roll over, play dead, lights, and whatever else you can think of.

1. The Evaluation

When you are joining our furry family it is important that we get to know you and your dog to make sure we can provide the best training tailored to your needs. Our new client evaluation is a one-hour session devoted to getting to know your dog. We will discuss training goals, any behavioral concerns you may have, and a personalized training plan.

2. The Sessions

Our sessions are hands-on and utilize positive reinforcement training. We are building a relationship between you and your dog so it is important that you are involved in training your dog.

The sessions are an hour long and can be done at your home, a park, and where ever else is needed to get the best results. We will start by checking in to see what progress you and your dog have made. Then discuss how homework went and review the skills you learned in the last session. After that, we will go on to new skills that will advance in their difficulty level as you and your dog accomplishes new goals.

3. The Results

Now you have reached your goals! You and your dog are a cohesive team. You have learned how to communicate, and each of you knows what is expected of you. 

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